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    • Black plastic shelving unit
    • Robust easy wipe clean and non-rusting
    • Maximum weight per shelf 20kg evenly spread
    • Maximise storage solution at home, garage and office
    • Simple assembly as no tools required
    • Available in 2 different sizes (4 Tier/5 Tier) 



      Height: 172cm x Width: 60cm x Depth: 30cm
      Weight: 6.19kg

    • Garden weed burner
    • Destroys weeds in seconds
    • No hazardous chemicals
    • Unique locking cylinder to prevent leakage
    • Ergonomic handle design
    • Adjustable flame
    • Ideal for de-icing pavements, de-freezing brass water pipes and lighting BBQ grills
    • 16Oz Can crusher with bottle opener
    • Maximise space in recycling bins
    • Crushes cans to 20% of the original size
    • High leverage design with soft-grip handle
    • Comes with wall mounting screws and fixings
    • Space saving design
    • Easy to use, pull hand down to crush
    • Bottle opener at bottom to crack open some beers


    Height: 32cm Width: 11cm Depth: 9cm