5 Tier Spice Rack5 Tier Spice Rack
5 Tier Spice Rack
5 Tier Spice Rack
5 Tier Spice Rack
5 Tier Spice Rack
5 Tier Spice Rack


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  • Pack Qnty: 12

Are you tired of having to look for the right spice among all the jars in the cabinet?

Especially when you're cooking, finding the spice jar you need quickly is very important.
Thanks to this large spice rack, you'll always have all the jars in sight.

Plenty of space for all your spices!

Height: 59cm Width: 39cm Depth: 5.5cm


You can keep spices and herbs organized and in the order you prefer, and you won't have to worry about the durability as this kitchen spice rack is made of sturdy metal.
The frame of the empty spice rack is chrome-plated, so you won't risk seeing it rust and it will be very easy to clean it with a cloth.

Complete with all the necessary accessories!

The metal spice rack is supplied with the screws and plugs required to fix it.
You can choose to mount the spice jar rack organiser on the wall or on the cabinet door.
You can also decide to fix the indoor herb rack on the side of the cupboard or on the door of the kitchen or pantry.


Wherever you install it, one thing is sure: this herb spice rack will save you a lot of space.
A normal wooden spice organiser stand takes up a lot of work space in the kitchen, but this wire spice rack uses vertical space that would otherwise remain unused.

What are you waiting for?

Put your kitchen in order and rediscover the pleasure of cooking with spices, buy the ASAB kitchen herb rack now!

  • Box Measurements: 8cm x 42.5cm x 66cm
  • Net Weight: 1250 g
  • Total Weight: 15 kg
  • Pack Qnty: 12

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