Half Step StoolHalf Step Stool
Half Step Stool
Half Step Stool
Half Step Stool
Half Step Stool
Half Step Stool


  • Wholesale Price

  • Pack Qnty: 12

  • Box Measurements: 40cm x 30cm x 50cm
  • Net Weight: 2220 g
  • Total Weight: 26.64 kg
  • Pack Qnty: 12

Elevate your safety and comfort with our Non-Slip Half Step and Bathroom Suction Handle set, designed with the needs of people with limited mobility in mind.

  • Non-Slip Half Step: This convenient half step assists in tackling large doorsteps by dividing the stepping action into two manageable parts. With its large surface area, there's ample space for you to stand fully and regain balance. Crafted from durable plastic, it is weather-resistant and perfect for outdoor use year-round.
  • Safety-Maximising Mat: The half step features a slip-resistant rubber mat, further enhancing your stability and safety while stepping.
  • Bathroom Suction Handle: This handle can be easily installed on any tub or shower wall. Its super-grip suction cups lock securely in place, providing you with dependable support. It is easy to remove, relocate, and will not damage your wall. No drilling or fixing is required, making it an effortless addition to your bathroom.
  • Versatile Application: The suction handle can be positioned anywhere - in the bath, shower, next to the toilet, near stairs, or beside a chair for versatile utility.
  • High Weight Capacity: This set is designed to support up to 135kg, making it a reliable choice for enhanced mobility and security.

Dimensions for Half Step: Length: 495mm, Depth: 395mm, Height: 95mm.

This set is designed to empower you with added mobility and peace of mind in your everyday life. Enjoy the confidence that comes with this added support.

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